Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Incredible Renovations and Remax/360 Open House Recap

IncredibleRenovations hosted an open house with Re/Max 360 on November 17th and it turned out great. We invited Thai Klam and his team of realtors to visit our “Incredible” office so we could show them the samples we offer to our clients during their options appointment. Re/Max 360 is of the fastest Re/Max franchises in the country who has sent us clients in the past and were very pleased with the results: option generation and on time Quality construction.   We were also able to squeeze in the Incredible Renovations remodel process so they could get a feel for what we’re doing with our clients.

After having Carrabas Pasta and salad for lunch we started the show.

We were able to explain the initial consult and walk thru which basically is where we sit down and listen to what our clients remodel / addition needs are. Incredible Renovations takes the time to learn about the client’s lifestyle along with the client investment range and situation and from there, start to create the perfect design for that client.

Part of envisioning the design is finding out what the client’s taste are so we can bring that out in the design. Here is the rundown. Once we go forward with a client, step one, we set an options appointment so they can pick out cabinets, faucets, sinks, granite countertops, wood flooring, tile flooring, or carpet flooring, all depending on what part of the home we’re remodeling.

After discussing the initial consult and design process, we showed Re/Max 360 some sample 3D virtual walk thrus and project estimates. This is part of the second step in our process. We revealed some before and after images of some past projects as well as 3D virtual tours compared to completed projects. All and all, Re/Max 360 was impressed with the realistic views that our Chief Architect Software was able to produce.

We wrapped up the open house discussing the Proposal Process which includes contract acceptance and permit acquisition. This is the third step in our process which may not be as fun as the first two steps but it is a virtually painless process since we do a majority of the work. Thanks Re/Max 360 for taking the time to see what Incredible Renovations can do for our clients.