Thursday, February 23, 2012


                We all want to keep up with the latest trends in life.  Whether it’s the clothes you wear, the car you drive or the lifestyle you live, it’s nice to keep in stride with the rest of society.   So what are the latest trends for remodeling your home?  Relaxation!  People are remodeling today to be able to come home and retreat.  Homeowners are seeking tranquility and they are doing this by transforming their once bathrooms into Spa rooms. 
The Spa
                Mood music and fuzzy towels are nice, but imagine a large soaking Jacuzzi tub(still very in), an extra large multi- head walk -in shower, heated floors, even a steam sauna, in your home bathroom, available to you every day!  It’s possible.  It is no longer just a functional room for daily cleansing.   The sky is the limit if you have an imagination.  An elaborate home bathroom can include separate rooms for bathing, storage, a separate dressing area or powder room.  You may even include entertainment equipment like a T.V. or stereo. 
Let’s talk BATH TUBS
Depending on the layout of your room, the tub may be a focal point.  You must decide on the shape (shell, circle, wave, wing…) and what features you want to consider adding. Waterfalls or fountains into a tub are nice touches of ambiance.  There is always the option of adding a Hydrotherapy tub.  No sanctuary where relaxation reigns supreme is without some kind of free flowing water. 
Let’s talk SHOWERS
                Want something that is going to make you jump out of bed in the morning?  Or maybe you would like to start your shower FROM your bed!  Yes, there is a remote control for your shower that even alerts you when the temperature is ready. Then you could step into your rain drop shower knowing it was going to feel just right.  As you wake up, you can listen to your favorite music through your bathroom stereo and watch the sunrise through your skylight!  
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