Friday, July 5, 2013

A New Home and a New Way to Cook

When you’re remodeling or renovating, you might want to consider the role that your kitchen is going to play in your new, improved home. In the before-time, when you were cooking a meal you probably spent a whole afternoon in the kitchen, trying to get the entire meal together and get it just right. You were running from oven to microwave to sink to refrigerator to stove top and back again, and the whole time your family and/or guests were enjoying each other’s’ company or watching television or doing something other than slaving over a hot stove. 

Get Out of the Kitchen and Into the Great Outdoors 

There is a solution to this problem: outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen with a designer grill installed will allow you to do far more than just grill on your deck when everyone feels like burgers and hot dogs. After all, outdoor grills aren’t all there is to a kitchen, just as a stove top isn’t all there is to your indoor kitchen. 

The best outdoor grills come equipped with a variety of other cooking appliances that will let you create real gourmet meals outside while your friends and family hang around, telling you just exactly how they want their meat done. 

Beyond designer grills, outdoor kitchens come with things like refrigeration units, warming trays, and ovens. That’s right, you can use your grill to bake. That’s pretty amazing when you consider all the work it would normally take to run inside, check on what’s baking, and then run back outside. In fact, when you’re baking, you tend not to take your eye off the oven. 

With an outdoor kitchen, you never have to leave the company of friends and family while you’re cooking three or four different dishes at once, and with a dishwashing unit installed you don’t even have to step away from the party to clean up. Multitasking is, after all, the trademark of a modern life. 

There’s More to Cooking than Cooking 

With refrigeration units, you can store your cooking supplies in the grill, keeping it fresh throughout the night and ready to be cooked for diners who want seconds or thirds. You can also keep beer and other liquid refreshments in your grill, but why would you do that when you can install a beer tap and use a keg? When your grill is also a bar, you know you’ve got the best barbecues in the neighborhood. 

Hanging out with friends and family instead of being holed up in your kitchen isn’t all there is to having an outdoor grill installed in your renovated home. When you’re cooking outdoors, you get to spend time among nature, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery of your yard, rather than being cooped up in your home. 

If you’re doing a lot of work on your kitchen as well, an outdoor kitchen might be just what you need to feed yourself and your family during the transition anyway! Bonus: you’ll be doing it in style and “eating out” every night. What family wouldn’t love to do that? 

Your New and Improved Kitchen 

Regardless of how you intend to use your outdoor kitchen or why you had one installed, it will serve you well for some time to come. Made of stainless steel, with its own warranty and an amazing array of appliances and tools to cook just about anything you’d ever think of, an outdoor kitchen is the answer to all of your kitchen-based problems. Surprisingly, there are plenty of those, but there’s nothing that can’t be solved with steel, fire, and plenty of meat.

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By T.M. Loyd

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