Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hardwood Floors vs. Ceramic Wood Floors

 So… what do you think? Would YOU trade in your hardwood floors for ceramic wood floors?

5 reasons why to choose hardwood floors

  1. Hardwood floors can withstand nicks and scratches if maintained properly.  Wood is also a natural renewable resource that can be refinished when worn. 
  2. Wide plank wood floors are available in most budget ranges today.
  3. Hardwood floors are compatible with radiant heat flooring systems.
  4. Hardwood floor are easy to clean and maintain.
  5. If maintained properly, Hardwood flooring will last as long as the home is standing.  Most hardwood flooring is rated as a lifetime material.

5 reasons why to choose ceramic wood floors

  1. Ceramic Wood Tile resists moisture, allowing a wood look on decks, around pools, or in baths or kitchens.
  2. More sizes to choose from with widths of 8″, 12″, 16″, or even 20″.
  3. Ceramic Wood Tiles stay cool, which is a blessing over summer months or for those who live in warm climates.
  4. Ceramic Wood Tile provides less noise.
  5. Ceramic Wood Tile doesn't scratch or dent.

What ever your choice may be, make sure that you keep the above factors in mind before you decide on the most suitable flooring option for your home.

At Incredible Renovations we have a variety of both hardwood flooring and ceramic wood flooring to choose from when remodeling your home or business.  We always let our customers know which one will fit their needs the best. 

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