Monday, May 6, 2013

Touch-activated Faucets Gaining Popularity Among Homeowners

Touch-activated faucets used to be a commercial product; however it has now crossed over to the residential market and is here to stay.  They are much easier to use and more practical to use, especially when your hands are full or dirty.  This way you do not have to touch the clean faucet with your dirty hands.  Homeowners love the fact that they can turn the water on and off while preparing food and not making a mess of the handles. 
If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking elaborate meals and baking cookies for your family, finger painting with kids, or even just getting your hands dirty outside in the garden, a touch-activated faucet is a great way to simplify your life and keep your hands, and your kitchen, cleaner with a little more ease and a lot less work.
Imagine your hands are covered in cookie dough; the thought of touching the faucet handles makes your cringe because you are the one that will have to clean them. 
With a touch-activated faucet you can use your forearm, elbow, or that one remaining clean finger to simply tap the faucet anywhere on the spout or handle, which turns on the water without causing a mess.
When preparing raw chicken or other foods that carry potentially harmful bacteria, a touch-activated faucet reduces the likelihood of cross-contamination from messy hands or tainted faucet handles, providing a safer, healthier environment for food prep.
A touch activated faucet can actually help homeowners drastically reduce household water use making your home an eco-friendly environment. Countless gallons of water are wasted down the drain when faucets run freely.  This will allow you to be more aware of your family’s water usage.  Just a couple minutes of unneeded faucet flow can waste enough water to fill a 5-gallon water cooler.  This will save a tone of water over time.
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